QMFT Token

Introducing The QMFT Token: A New Era of Digital Currency

The QMFT token (QMFT) represents an advanced decentralized digital currency, meticulously developed by QMF Tech, a progressive UK-based technology firm. Anchored on the powerful Ethereum blockchain, the token currently-aligns to the widely-adopted and universally recognized ERC-20 standard, with strategic plans to encompass the QRC-20 standard as well.This dual-standard approach is a product of visionary design, capturing the collective ethos of community collaboration and technological advancement. Join us as we navigate the exciting landscape of digital currency with the QMFT Token.


At QMF Tech, our tokenomics strategy is meticulously engineered to enhance value through deliberate scarcity. The initial total supply of QMFT tokens is set at 100,000,000. In our commitment to fostering a robust economic model, a deflationary mechanism will be implemented, with tokens being burned until the total supply reaches 50,000,000 QMF. This approach is designed to create scarcity and potentially increase the token’s value over time. Once the total supply reaches 50,000,000 QMF, the burning mechanism will cease, and a treasury will be established for ecosystem growth. Join us in this journey of strategic economic design with QMF Tech's tokenomics.

QMFT Token Technology

The QMFT token is emblematic of innovative strides in bridging traditional financial infrastructures with the dynamic possibilities of the digital economy. Its design assures compatibility across a multitude of protocols and provides the mechanisms for secure, instantaneous transactions. As an ERC-20 token, with planned integration as a QRC-20, QMF stands at the forefront of the future, unlocking unprecedented potentials in the multifaceted and interconnected landscape of blockchain technology.

Token Distribution