QMF Tech

QMF Tech stands as a beacon of Multicultural innovation in the blockchain technology sphere, a company with a global footprint, proudly headquartered in London, UK. Our diverse presence spans through Europe, Asia and America, reflecting our commitment and dedication to fostering innovation on a worldwide scale. across continents. As a team, we bring together a rich tapestry of cultures, perspectives, and expertise, united by a shared mission to render make blockchain technology accessible and beneficial for all. Join us on this journey of technological empowerment.

Mission, vision and values

Making Blockchain Simple, Powering Your Future


Elevating blockchain accessibility with QMF Tech

QMF Tech is on a mission to make blockchain technology straightforward and accessible and attainable for all. We strive to transform complex blockchain concepts into user-friendly and intuitive solutions, catering to both individuals and businesses. Our goal is to bridge the technological divide, guaranteeing that the transformative and revolutionary benefits of blockchain are accessible to every user, everywhere.


Building a collaborative future with strategic partnerships

Our vision at QMF Tech is to create a future where collaboration and technology converge to unlock unprecedented opportunities. We actively seek out partnerships with like-minded organizations that share our aspirations, aiming to cultivate a vibrant ecosystem that drives growth, sparks creativity and fosters innovation. Together, we're reimagining the possibilities within the blockchain and Web 3.0 spaces, crafting a world where technology enhances connectivity and empowerment.


Emphasizing technology, people, and utility

At the heart of QMF Tech lie our core values: technology, people, and utility. We champion innovative solutions that address real-world challenges, focusing always on the human experience. Our unwavering commitment to utility ensures that each technological advancement is not only cutting-edge but also deeply relevant and meaningful and applicable in everyday contexts. These principles guide us in developing products and services that truly make a difference, promoting an inclusive, forward-thinking, and pragmatic approach to digital evolution.

Embark on a journey with QMF Tech as we lead the way in making blockchain technology a seamless aspect of the digital landscape. Through our mission, vision, and values, we're dedicated to creating a more accessible, interconnected, and impactful future for everyone.

Discover The Power of Collaboration

Discover the Power of Collaboration At QMF Tech, we believe that the strength of our partnerships amplifies our ability to deliver exceptional solutions. Our alliances with industry leaders and blockchain innovators ensures that we stand alongside you not just as service providers, but as true partners in your digital transformation journey. Together, we're setting new standards, and pioneering new benchmarks in blockchain adoption, creating a future where technology and sustainability are in perfect harmony.

Juan Cerchiaro
Sr Blockchain Consultant

16 years of Experience

Jeanette Hani
Content Marketing | Social Media | Digital Strategy | Branding | Technology & Innovation

7 years of Experience

Istiwana Ayesha
Project Manager

4 years of Experience

Malik Mehmood
Blockchain Team Lead

12 years of Experience

Laura Rincon
Digital Lead

3 years of Experience